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Our Leadership Team takes great pride in serving this learning community. Their thoughtful practice and commitment to goal oriented decision making keeps stakeholders at the heart of the work they do.



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Academic Dean

Viji Bhavendu
Chief Coordinator

Message from the Director

Sheeja N

Dear Readers,

I would want to take this opportunity to sincerely greet each and every one of you as we launch our new Training and Research Centre and set out on an exciting new journey. This moment marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and excellence.

Our organization’s ambitious goal is to create a dynamic environment where research drives us forward and learning crosses boundaries. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity, curiosity, and team-work.

Our carefully crafted training programs are made to provide people with the abilities and information needed to prosper in a world that is changing quickly. These courses are intended to bridge the knowledge gap between theory and practical application. The programs are led by knowledgeable resource persons from Chempaka Group and subject matter experts from reputed institutes.

We are excited to explore unexplored areas of research as we set out on this journey. Our group of knowledgeable scholars will lead projects that expand our understanding and advance in the field of educational research and training, thereby produce excellent educators.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire staff of L’ecole Chempaka Research & Training Centre for their commitment and help in realizing this vision. Let’s work together to use our Training and Research Center to leave a lasting legacy of impact and quality.

Warm regards,
Sheeja N
Director, Chempaka Group of Institutions

Message from the Chief Coordinator of kindergarten

Viji Bhavendu

Welcome to L’ecole Chempaka Institute of Research and Training Centre.
Here we develop teachers to be caring, culturally responsible, knowledgeble and also well versed in their streams. The Chempaka Way aims at developing curious and life long learners to build a better world through open-mindedness, understanding, trust and respect.This is implemented through a diverse and energetic curriculum with a supportive and safe-nurtured environment. The training promotes strategies that enhance the teaching abilities of an educator .Teachers are self evaluated to launch their own strategy of teaching. The Chempaka Way focuses on to hatch educators who enjoy to learn and teach and to groom them selves and their students to be well equipped socially, academically, personally, to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
We assure transformative experiences, meaningful connects,and promising commitment to build a better world. Together, let us nurture the potential, foster the dreams and equip to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century
All the best!!
Viji Bhavendu
Chief coordinator- Chempaka Kindergartens