Our Programmes at L’Ecole Chempaka Research and Training Centre

At L’Ecole Chempaka Research and Training Centre, we offer unparalleled professional support to teachers and academic leaders. Our diverse range of programmes is designed to cater to every level of educational professionalism.

Diverse Range of Programmes

  • Exclusive Diploma Programme for Early Years Educators.
  • In-Service Training Programmes Including
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Classroom Management Training
  • Differentiated Instructional Strategies
  • Assessment and Evaluation Training
  • Inclusive Education Training
  • Global Citizenship Training
  • Mindfulness and Well-being Workshops
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • STEM Education Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Professional Ethics and Legal Issues Training

Chempaka Diploma for Early Years Care and Education (DECE)

Transformative Journey in Early Years Education

Become an exceptional Early Years Educator with our esteemed Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education program. We nurture passionate individuals who aspire to shape the future of our youngest learners.

Why Choose Our Diploma Program?

10-Month Immersive Experience

  • Delve into Early Years Care and Education with a comprehensive understanding of young learners.

Holistic Perspective

  • Covering child psychology, health and well-being, personal, social, and emotional development.

A Promise of 100% Placement and Real-World Exposure

Placement Assistance

  • We guarantee 100% placement assistance for our graduates..

3-Month Internship

  • Hands-on experience in real classroom settings.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Diverse Pedagogical Approaches

  • Mastery of Montessori education and other innovative methods.

Expert Faculty

  • Learn from experienced educators with about four decades of experience in preschool education.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Enriching learning environment with the latest resources and technology.

Networking Opportunities

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and build a professional network.

Life-Long Learning

  • Continuous learning and professional development opportunities.

Your Journey Begins Here: Become an Early Years Educator with Us

Join us at Chempaka Research and Training Centre for a rewarding journey. Ignite your passion, refine your skills, and become a beacon of inspiration in Early Childhood Care and Education

Are You Ready to Make a Lasting Impact?

Your future in Early Years Education awaits

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